Our employees are our #1 asset, and as such, we continually strive to provide the safest possible working conditions for our employees.  In doing so Mobley-Speed is dedicated to the prevention of accidents, and will work to ensure that accident prevention be a prime concern for all employees and subcontractors.

Only through the commitment of every employee to recognize the importance of safety in the work place, and to utilize safety as a fundamental tool in completing each and every task, can the goal of an accident and injury free workplace be achieved.  Therefore, all levels of the Mobley-Speed workforce shall make safety a priority concern, equal in importance to all other job duties and operational responsibilities.  

Superintendent, foreman, and project manager are all key individuals responsible for implementing and maintaining the program by ensuring that the men and women working under their control are maintaining safe work areas and performing their tasks in a safe manner.

Each individual worker has the primary responsibility to follow every precaution and safety rule to protect themselves and their fellow workers.

Our program’s success in meeting these commitments relies on participation by all involved… Including TEXO Safety 1st, JHA’s, AHA’s, Toolbox talks, and site specific preconstruction safety orientations.

The Mobley-Speed WRITTEN safety program attempts to meet or exceed the major standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.